Dave Hemingway


Favourite Track:
Cadwell Park

Best MR2 result:
Seven wins in 2015. Driver of Year in 2014

Racing Experience:

First race was in 1995 in a Dutton Phaeton kit car. It was a character building experience.

Started MR2 racing in 2009 and have no desire to race anything else.

My background, however is in rallying which I’ve been doing since 1993. Most memorable results are winning 1998 ANCC Stage Rally Championshi, the RAC Open Rally twice and a handful of podium finishes amongst 4wd and World Rally Cars in my ageing Mk2 Escort.

About me:
I’m a Civil Engineer by trade specialising in landfill design and later highways and have been involved in a number of major project from industrial unit builds to major town bypass schemes.
I left all that behind in 2003 to pursue a career in the beauty industry and took up my current position as Beauty Therapist’s Assistant. We own Nouveau Beauty Group, Nouveau Lashes and HD Brows.

Spare time consists of a lot of motorsport activities such as autotests, car trials and navigational events and I have just become a born again biker (that’s push bikes, not motorbikes) with a renewed enthusiasm for the sport. I rode the national championships in 1984 and 1985 but now have a more leisurely interest in the sport.

My Sponsors:
Nouveau Lashes, Nouveau Beauty Group and HD Brows are emblazoned all over the car but for legal and tax reasons I am not allowed to sponsor myself.

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