How to get started Club Racing, and with Classic MR2 Mk1 Series.

Have you ever considered circuit racing but always thought it was out of your budget? Or perhaps you are currently a regular trackday driver and looking for the next challenge?

With the MR2 Classic Racing Series you can now got on the grid and race at some of the UK’s biggest and best motor-racing circuits like Brands Hatch, Snetterton and Cadwell Park for a lot less money than you may think, making club racing a lot more affordable to the masses. Within our budget Classic Racing Series, we have many drivers running their own Toyota MR2 Mk1 cars, doing all their own preparation and transport to the circuit, and spending less than £5,000 per annum to go racing – and this is inclusive of the race entry fees.

All cars in the MR2 Classic Racing Series are identical, all running the standard production engine, with very limited options to change anything – this keeps the costs to a minimum and ensures that it is driver ability that wins races, and not just the driver with the largest wallet. All cars must adhere to the Motorsports Association (MSA) rules on safety, so mandatory items such as a roll cage and fire extinguisher are needed, however, even with the required items you can still build your own race car for less than £2,000 – or you can also easily buy a pre-raced Toyota MR2 M1 that has all the necessary safety equipment included for about the same price.

As the cars are almost identical, this allows the driver to shine in our races. All Classic MR2 Races are based on a 15 minute qualifying session and then 2 x 15 minute races. To keep costs to a minimum all races are run on the same day. At the end of each race, our eligibility scrutineer will often check some technical aspects of the car to ensure that all cars adhere to the rules, as well as being regularly weighed to ensure all cars meet the minimum weight limit of 1,050 kg. The benefit of all cars been evenly matched is that in the races you will almost certainly have someone to race with. Whether you are at the front, middle or rear of the pack, you will always manage to have an epic battle reminiscent of Hunt and Lauda (in your mind anyway!!) and finish the race with a smile that will last a week!

But if you are not a demon with a spanner, don’t worry. Many drivers on the Classic MR2 Racing Series grid are not graced with amazing (or any!!) mechanical knowledge, so either hire a car from an established team or have another team run the car on their behalf. These teams can prepare the car before the race, arrange for transport to the circuits and assist on the day of the race in the event of any mechanical gremlins. Below we are listing two of the main teams that run cars for the MR2 Classic Racing series. If you can also run a Toyota MR2 Mk1 in our series and want to be listed here please email us your details.

Prize Motorsport – Alec Fitness
t: 07767612784

Sector Motorsport – Nathan Harrison
t: 07910 999 999

To find out more on how to get involved, you can also speak to our series co-ordinator Steve Vince from Track Attack Race Club. Our series is run as part of Track Attack, so all drivers also need to be members of TARC club. You can find out more about Track Attack Race Club at their site – or contact Steve Vince directly on email here or via telephone on 01646 601908.

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