Paul Corbridge


Favourite Track:
Cadwell Park

Best MR2 result:

Racing Experience:
I have been driving for approx 6 years now in the MR2 race series having never previously driven a track car. How I wish I had discovered this series earlier in my life. I was always under the impression that racing a car would cost in excess of £30k a year not realising you could race MR2’s for a fraction of that. I like to think I have been pretty successful at it having won the series three times.

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About me:
My friends would say that I have the most ridiculous ideas sometimes. I am always trying to drag them kicking and screaming into doing something that we have never done before, sometimes with good reason. I work in the renewables industry (wind) in the control room and have worked in power all of my adult life.
I am well travelled having visited many places, and consider myself a citizen of the world. Also, a bit of a geek enjoying computer games in my spare time.

My Sponsors:
Prize Motorsport. Probably one of the first customer of Alec after being let down by Stoner Racing in my first year. Alec built me a car and I’ve never looked back. 🙂

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